miércoles, 6 de junio de 2007

VB plus C plus C plus plus

While looking in which of the new environments to code, I found out that VB is really nextgen, saves you lots of work.

When I began to code I was a teenager, around 13, I was worried about finding which was the best language to code in, so in the web I found that it was C, so I began to learn C, then I read about C++ and Object Oriented Programming, so I decided to try it too. I became a fan of those languages and I made my code for console applications...old school way.

After a time I wanted to develop some Windows Environment Programs, I got Delphi and I was happy, but it was Pascal, I got Borland C++ and I liked it, it was easy to use. But Time goes on and I found myself in the need to do some code in Windows Environment, so what do I do now?
I found Visual Express, ITS A REAL HIT! But I choose to code on Visual C++, I was using it, when I had the idea to give a look on Visual Basic, and is EXCELLENT, saves you lots of work.

Someone might say, bah! VB sucks and things like that. Then I ask, why do I have to code pointers and access memory and stuff like that.

I'm into engineering business and I want to do some code for solving phisical problems.
I don't want to mess with the RAM! Rams get angry when pushed and can chase you around to kick the life out of you.

When I want to code some routine for my VB I rather do it in C, test it and if its good enough, it goes to the VB code(as VB code of course).

So I use C for logic and because I can write fast the code and check it.

Sometimes I use C++ to give the structure on some problems, I test it and if its good enough, it goes to the VB code.

Sorry Pointers, I got to let you leave! I am not a Hacker, I am just an User.

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