miércoles, 4 de julio de 2007

My wife

This is a picture of my wife. I like her Hair Braids.


This is a picture of myself.

lunes, 11 de junio de 2007

Light Rail System

I don't know when is the government begining the construction for the LRS, but I do know that we could use some help from Chinese or Indian Enterprises.

Illusion's Lake

Save The Lake!

Red line is Carrizal River, Green Area is the lake and Blue line is the Grijalva River. (Sorry for the low quality picture :P )

So, build a canal to feed water on the lake from the red stream and build a canal to release water to the blue stream, you don't need pumps for the city(which is inside those 2 rivers and around the lake), making some calculations we can now what amount of water we have to let flow in the 2 streams so we can clean the lake and keep it beautiful for the sake of us all.
The following picture is from a part of the lake which constantly gets polluted, last time it got some sewage discharge and killed almost all fish in it, even maggots infested the lagoon, really disgusting.


This plant (Trascescandia ...) is consumed as a beverage here on Tabasco.

If you find some wild "Matali" cut about 100 grams of it(carefully, because for some persons is poisonous, not lethal, but can be itchy), wash it and put about half an ounce of lemon juice and 1 liter of water in a cup with the Matali, put it to fire and leave it there as long as it takes to get boiling it for about 5 minutes.

Cool it and use 1 part of it for 3 parts of water. Add some sugar too.

When I was a kid, the plant was toxic for me, I couldn't touch it, for I used to get some kind of allergic rash, but after boiling, I used to drink lots of Matali and I was completely fine. Is a very healthy drink!

Guayacan from Tabasco

Wetlands from Tabasco


miércoles, 6 de junio de 2007

Captain Vijaykanth

While in my periodically YouTube Madness Hour I found a Movie, which deserves to be posted here.


VB plus C plus C plus plus

While looking in which of the new environments to code, I found out that VB is really nextgen, saves you lots of work.

When I began to code I was a teenager, around 13, I was worried about finding which was the best language to code in, so in the web I found that it was C, so I began to learn C, then I read about C++ and Object Oriented Programming, so I decided to try it too. I became a fan of those languages and I made my code for console applications...old school way.

After a time I wanted to develop some Windows Environment Programs, I got Delphi and I was happy, but it was Pascal, I got Borland C++ and I liked it, it was easy to use. But Time goes on and I found myself in the need to do some code in Windows Environment, so what do I do now?
I found Visual Express, ITS A REAL HIT! But I choose to code on Visual C++, I was using it, when I had the idea to give a look on Visual Basic, and is EXCELLENT, saves you lots of work.

Someone might say, bah! VB sucks and things like that. Then I ask, why do I have to code pointers and access memory and stuff like that.

I'm into engineering business and I want to do some code for solving phisical problems.
I don't want to mess with the RAM! Rams get angry when pushed and can chase you around to kick the life out of you.

When I want to code some routine for my VB I rather do it in C, test it and if its good enough, it goes to the VB code(as VB code of course).

So I use C for logic and because I can write fast the code and check it.

Sometimes I use C++ to give the structure on some problems, I test it and if its good enough, it goes to the VB code.

Sorry Pointers, I got to let you leave! I am not a Hacker, I am just an User.

19th Century Show

Vodka powered vehicles Vs. Dinosaur powered vehicles

I would rather like to have a Mr. Fusion Engine on my car than an old rotten dinosaur soup.

lunes, 4 de junio de 2007

Rusty Coder

I've not been coding lately, so Now I find myself in the trouble of trying to figure out how to develop some code in this new tools.